Internet sites that help you make characters to use in Crazy Talk

Sample output from Face sketch Face sketch Is a great way to look at the proportions of faces on a whiteboard in an art lesson. It is also another really good for making some cartoon face which you can animate in CrazyTalk.

monoface.jpgMonoFace. This goofy time killer might take awhile to load, but it’s worth the wait if you enjoy doodling with people’s faces. Simply click on the eyes, nose, mouth, and heads to change those elements into 759,375 combinations. There’s also an image gallery of collected favorites and a “shuffle face” mode for random digital Gurning.

It’s a Flash-based application that allows you to mix and match various facial features from a number of real-life people to make interesting and sometimes hilarious results. The blending between the various features is fantastic, with only the occasional face that ends up looking like a real cut-and-paste job. The rest look either hilarious or slightly unsettling! (quoted from Tim Rylands Blog )

picasso-head.jpg Mr Picasso Head enables you to create simple picasso styled portraits which can then be animated in CrazyTalk.

potato-head.jpg Potato Head is a digital vertsion of the old children’sgame with the same name. Good to use with young children and then animate in CrazyTalk.

lego-1.jpg Design your own Lego Charater 1 This ia simple lego chartacetr generator which also allows you to change the background photo. It would be useful for using in both Crazy Talk and Comic Life.

lego-2.jpg Design your own Lego Character 2 Enables you to design your own Lego character, this is the latest of the Lego design interfaces and starts with a white character allowing you to create a sophisticated character.

lego-head.gif Block Head Enables you to design your own Lego Head.

mm.jpg M&M Generator This is a simple generator for using in Comic Life and other software.

Here are some others to have a go at. Thanks to Downs Primary School for these link. I also came across the M&M and Lego links on their site.








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    Glad that the links were useful to you. Thanks for your suggestions too – I’m looking forward to trying these alongside Crazy Talk in my own classroom.

    Mark Warner (The Downs CEP School)

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